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Aerospace medicine for common man

A team of researchers in Bangalore has claimed to have developed a revolutionary non-invasive method for treating osteoarthritis and cancer.

Using the technique, the researchers said 36 patients with severe osteoarthritis were treated successfully. "They are without pain now, can walk normally and climb stairs without help," they said.

Similarly, an end-stage lung cancer patient was also subjected to the treatment and the results were "miraculous" - the 43-year-old Hyderbad-based branch manager of National Insurance Company, P Ravikumar "is now symptom-free and has resumed his duties", they said.

The technique, rotational field quantum magnetic resonance (RFQMR) generator, said to be the first in the world, has been developed by the team from the Institute of Aerospace Medicine, IAF, in Bangalore, and the Centre for Advanced Research and Development (CARD) after seven years of research.

The team comprised Wing Commander V G Vasishta, professor and head of the department of Radio-Diagnosis, IAM IAF, who was the principal investigator, and co-investigators Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, director of CARD and the inventor of the RFQMR technology, and Surgeon Commander L J Pinto, professor and head of the Department of Human Engineering, IAM IAF.

"RFQMR is a new machine for which an international patent is pending. RFQMR produces high-power multi-frequency rotating quantum electromagnetic resonating beams from 96 special RFQMR guns that are precisely focused to the target area of interest," Kumar told a press meet.

The researchers said RFQMR works on the principle of altering cell membrane potential and "jamming" the "command and control" of the target tissue cells, by altering the proton spin inside and outside the cells.

The project to develop the technology was initiated seven years ago.

According to the team, in a pilot study conducted during the last six months, 36 patients with severe osteoarthritis were exposed to RFQMR beams for one hour every day for 21 days.

All the patients had severe pain of long duration, severe limitation of movements and all conventional modalities of treatment had proved unsuccessful; the only other alternative of surgery remained, they said.

Results showed that all 36 patients showed marked subjective improvement and stopped takining painkillers by the fourth exposure, and by the end of the treatment, almost all of them could walk for one to five km without pain and 16 of the 36 could squat on the floor, which they could not do earlier, the researchers said.

"The 30 days follow-up showed that all the 36 patients were without pain, could walk normally and could climb stairs without help."

To understand and "prove" the efficacy of RFQMR's degenerative properties, the team subjected for treatment Ravikumar, whose cancer had spread to the liver and kidney, and said the results were "miraculous."



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Published on 7th July, 2004

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