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The CYTOTRON Technology

RFQMR produces a high power multi-frequency, high energy spinning quantum electromagnetic beams in the lower end of the EM spectrum in the Sub-Radio and Near-Radio Frequencies. In this frequency range, the effects causes predominantly non-thermal effects because the intensity is not high enough to significantly change tissue temperature. Non-thermal effects are direct interactions of RF with biological cells.

The Cytotron Device will deliver precise dose of RF beams in the 1Khz to 10 MHz Range in the presence of high instantaneous magnetic field, which is then focused in the near field, using special antennae.

CARD engineers by simulation established  that, when a biological Cell is exposed to such HF / RF under an instantaneous magnetic field should alter many cell parameters, including its resting Trans Membrane Potentials (TMP).Many Cellular activity is closely linked with the TMP. TMP plays an Important role in the synthesis of many proteinsand it plays a significant role in the basic mechanism of mitosis (cell division) control.  Powerful Mathematical Models and real time  simulation in combination with MRI data of the tissue is used to precisely alter transmembrane potentials of target tissue. Altering the Trans Membrane Potential (TMP) is a complex process. However the TransMembrane potential is
-70 to -90 mV is the TMP in Healthy Cells.
-40 to -60 mV when Infected.
-20 to -30 mV in Cancer
“0” when the Cell dies. 

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