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What is treatable ?

Initially three Clinical Trials had been completed on 490 patients.  These patients have been treated with RFQMR for Osteoarthritis and Cancer and the results have been very encouraging.
The Cytotron System has been approved by the European Union with a CE certification and by the Middle East SFDA.It has also been awarded the European and Chinese patent.
At this time, 31 systems have been installed in centers in different countries to provide health services and for R&D.
In the USA, the Cytotron technology (RFQMR) has received the US Patent.
Shreis plans to conduct US based clinical trials under approval of the FDA. An all comer compassionate palliative trial for cancer is also due to start in Mexico by the first week of July 2018    

Conditions Treatable with the Cytotron
Initially the Clinical Trials focused on Osteoarthritis and Cancer. As Tissue engineering can be applied to almost every part of the body and treats at the very basic level, the potential applications possible will be studied under approval from the US FDA.

Conditions Treated at Scalene S-CARD Campus (R&D Center)-Bangalore,India
In addition to Cancer and Mscloskeletal disorders, the folowing cases have also been treated at our R&D center in Bangalore, India

Parkinson's Disease
Alzheimer's Disease

Of course, these encouraging results in Bangalore will have to be clinically proven in trials in the USA with FDA approval.
Patients may contact our Scalene S-CARD Campus, Bangalore, India for further information on the possibility of being treated.


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