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RFQMR technology has a totally different approach from conventional therapies such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery.This safe treatment alternative may control the tumor growth process through its effect in the cell division mechanism. It can stop tumor activity and growth and provide relief to symptoms such as pain, lack of appetite and weight loss.

The Cytotron is having significant impact in the treatment of cancer and osteoarthritis in Asia & Europe, as evidenced by some recently concluded clinical studies. In cancer, an all comer, compassionate Phase I clinical trial was conducted in Bangalore, India, to treat terminally ill cancer patients with metastatic /end-stage disease, as well as degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis.  RFQMR is a safe, affordable and effective treatment alternative that uses very low frequency, non-ionizing, non thermal electromagnetic waves in the radio or sub-radio frequencies. In cancer, these waves are hypothetically believed to trigger programmed cell death and stop tumor growth through its effects on cell division. It is crucial to leverage the prevailing state of the art genome-wide or pathway specific molecular technologies (mutational analysis, gene expression profiling and biomarker identification) to study the near and long term effects and the mechanism of action of RFQMR in human tissues. This can be enabled using in-vitro, in-vivo and ex-vivo systems of tumor stem cells, multiple cell types, cell lines, tissue and organ explants, human tumor xenografts, and other animal model systems of disease. Parallel clinical studies need to be conducted to expand the application of RFQMR to primary cancer and other disease indications like pain management, macular degeneration, tissue regeneration and wound healing, to name a few.. There is on-going R&D for other indications such as multiple sclerosis, macular degeneration, diabetic neuropathy & targeted drug delivery, to name a few.

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