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Shreis-Scalene Sciences
11516 Darnestown Rd. Gaithersburg,MD 20878
Tel : (001)301-926-0566
Fax : (001)301-926-2925
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Shreis-Scalene Sciences LLC

Shréis-Scalene Sciences, based in the USA,  is a privately held medical device and medical software company that has partnered with  Scalene Cybernetics and are focused on the development and commercialization of  Non-interventional therapeutic devices for the treatment of cancer and osteo arthritis.

Shréis-Scalene Sciences has a strong medical technology orientation and firmly believes this would lead it to its quest for Engineering Solutions to Human Problems. To provide you with as much information as possible to carry out your task, we are here to pioneer medical technology, measure what is measurable and to make measurable what is not so. 

There is no question that we understand what health means to the individual, which is why we focus on the two major killers - Cardiovascular Disease and cancer and painful osteo arthritis.

At Shréis-Scalene Sciences, we understand that the future of competitive business is in the ability to swiftly adapt fast changing technologies to the future needs of clients. We have developed a core of personnel resources capable of supplementing your needs in the area of medical device and associated medical software development. We also understand the importance of professionalism and employ professionals who have the experience and technical ability capable of meeting your software requirements. Hence, we are committed to providing the exact type of service you expect from seasoned professionals.


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