Monday, March 20, 2006
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Deccan Herald » News Update » Detailed Story
IAM develops new method of cancer treatment
Bangalore, PTI:
In a development which may bring a new ray of hope for cancer patients, the Institute of Aerospace Medicine here is working on curing the disease using electromagnetic beams which, unlike chemotherapy, only kills malignant cells without affecting the adjacent healthy ones.

As per the new treatment developed by the institute, a computer controlled device called Cytotron generates precise high intensity Quantum Magnetic Resonance (QMR) beams from 288 specially designed guns which are focused to kill the affected tissues.

"The high specificity of QMR applications ensures that healthy cells in regions adjacent to the region of interest are not affected in any manner," said Wing Commander V G Vasishta, Chief of the Radio Diagnosis department, IAM.

"The beams also alters the mechanisms of cell division process of malignant cells and forces them to self-destruct, while leaving the healthy cells to divide naturally," he said.

According to Vasishta, the treatment, which is called Rotational Field Nuclear Quantum Magnetic Resonance (RFQMR) is non-thermal, non-ionizing, safe and has no known side effects.

So far 86 patients have been treated by this method, which involved daily one hour exposure to Cytotron for 28 days and primary results have been highly encouraging in all the cases, he claimed.

"All those who came for treatment were terminal cancer patients who had exhausted all conventional therapies of treatment.

"They had lost all hope and most of them were experiencing severe pain. The pain disapperaed after about two three exposures and their general quality of life improved.

Some of them have even gone back to work," Vasishta said.

Of the total patients treated, 60 per cent are still alive, 90 per cent experienced symptomatic relief and 30 per cent of those alive have even gone back to work, Vasishta said.

The study was started only two years back and the phase one of the clinical trial was conducted in accordence with the relevant Indian Council of Medical Research guidelines.

"We have completed phase one of the study and further research will be required before applying for approval from ICMR," he said, adding that the project had resulted in tremendous excitement in the scientific community worlwide.

The Chief of the Radio Diagnosis department also said RFQMR has a promising future in treatment of osteoarthritis also.

Asked about the research on cancer treatment at the institute, which primarily conducts research on aeromedical activities, Chief Researcher Group Captain V N Jha said although the institute is not meant for treating cancer patients, but it was thought that IAM could undertake such research as it had the infrastructure to do so.

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